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Our professional team of London Lakes guides are experienced in the hospitality industry and offer friendly, world class service. Each has fished the waters of the Central Highlands and in particular the London Lakes Private Fishery for many years.




Head guide Greg Beecroft, 59, has fished Tasmania's central highlands for over forty years. He has put his hand to many things. He is a friendly person who has exceptional ability to teach novices and experienced anglers. An unrelenting fisherman, he worked in the abalone industry as a diver and boat operator for many years. He also has owned restaurants. He is an expert fly tyer, while his stealth and excellent stream craft ensure that his clients catch many trout each season.



Tim Urbanc, 45, is the nephew of Jason Garret, who established London Lakes. Tim has represented Australia at the World Fly Fishing Championships and ranked very highly amongst the place getters. We call Tim "the Cormorant"..... If the fish are about he will find them and he has 30 years' experience fishing London Lakes to reassure you he knows what he is talking about. Tim is a professional nurse but takes every oportunity to escape to trout country. If he is not guiding, he can be found stalking the shores or waiting in a likely spot like a shag on a rock to catch the best fish London Lakes has to offer.



Trevor Byrne is a retired dairy farmer who lives on the North West of Tasmania. His tuition skills are evident when it comes to teaching clients from scratch about how to cast a line and to present a fly accurately. He has a patient and relaxed demeanor and is quite a character. He is known for showing up the other guides by having his beginners catch fish before the rest of us.....he delights in the success of others. He also is a precise fly tier whose dun, spinner and caenid patterns are in great demand.



David Billing is a retired school principal who has fished the Central Highlands with Greg for decades. He knows the so-called Western Lakes and lagoons of the high country well because he regularly fishes them in solitude. David's enthusiasm for fishing and guiding are contagious - he says that he gets great pleasure from seeing others catch fish.

"Fishing is a simple concept," he says. "You gently put the right fly in the right place at the right time....But that's not simple!"



Glenn Cannell has been one of the most popular guides at London lakes for many years.







Tim and Greg discuss their weapons of choice....

We have other guides who offer their services throughout the season. Their snapshots will soon be posted.




Quail eggs


eat well.....

The fare at London Lakes has received rave reviews with guests wondering whether the fishing or the food was the highlight of their stay. All tastes and dietary requirements can be catered for - you can talk to Greg Beecroft before your stay and design an incredible eating experience.


and hows this for a first fish on the fly?


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