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Australia is a vast, weird and wonderful place. The island of Tasmania, which broke away from the mainland millions of years ago, is even more amazing. Sculpted by ice ages and battered by fierce weather from the Southern Ocean, the austere, beautiful high country is some of the world's last frontier.

London LakesClean air, pristine waters, subalpine plants and diverse wildlife comprise a special playground for those who appreciate nature. We share this wonderful environment with trout....big trout.


Comprising 4,200 acres of unique high country, London Lakes is the ultimate fly fishing experience. The two shallow lakes, Big Jim and Samuel, are easily waded and polarised. Both lakes abound with big brown trout and Samuel also has huge rainbows. According to the World Champion French fly fishing team, "you have the best tailing fishing and mayfly hatches on the planet."


Many other US and European angling experts agree that the dry fly sight fishing is the best in the world. However, fishing for "tailing fish" also is a highlight for visiting anglers. To hunt a large fish in the shallows and present either a wet or a dry fly to be engulfed is an experience that is savoured constantly by our guests.


Home to intriguing native Tasmanian wildlife including endangered Tassie devils, marsupial quolls, wombats, wallabies, the fascinating egg laying platypus, the shy echidna and prolific bird life, London Lakes is unique.

Experience secluded, spell binding days. Enjoy the absorbing art of fly fishing for beginners and experts alike. If you are passionate about the outdoors and like to see your mayfly quietly downed by a 3 kg brown cruising in 300 mm of water or perhaps a feisty slash from a prowling 4 kg rainbow, a visit to London Lakes should be at the top of your list of destinations.It can be an unforgettable time for fly fisherman or naturalist.


If you don't fish, alternative activities abound, either on the property or within a 20 minute drive. Relaxing walks or adventurous hiking, golf, tennis, day spas, quality restauarant, a unique Tasmanian sculpture gallery at nearby Derwent Bridge, boat trips on Australia's deepest lake in the heart of the Lake St. Clair National Park, sight seeing and day trips to nearby destinations such as Lake Dixon (headwater of the Franklin River) will enrich your highland experience.

We issue the world's discerning adventurers a challenge. If your ambition is to land 50% of your hook-ups on the dry fly, enjoy Tasmania's wonderful wildlife, experience excellent accommodation and chill out from the world, then London Lakes is the answer. You won't want to leave...


A feature of the fishing on both lakes this year has been the prolific caenid and red spinner mayfly hatches.

Greg Beecroft manages the London Lakes fishery.

Greg is very experienced in trout guiding and in the hospitality industry.

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"...the anticipation was enormous but the experience still surpassed the expectation..." Alan Stevens, Feb 2006


"...the only time an angler tells the truth is when he calls another a liar..."


"....the most relaxing experience ever, great food and fantastic hospitality..." Mike Castles, March 2006


"....the wildlife was incredible, we felt thankful to share this environment with them...". Duval Family, USA Jan 2006


"...what an experience, will never forget it..." Darren Dean, Victoria, March 2006


" good does it get! ....sensational, thankyou...". Rob Owen, Victoria.