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An experienced, accredited London Lakes guide must accompany all angling. Being guided on the property will ensure your safety and help you to be successful. We look forward to sharing our secluded retreat with you. Why not download contact details for London Lakes?

We are delighted to answer any questions about London Lakes and happy to tailor a package to suit your needs. Please feel free to call or email us at the addresses below.

London Lakes

The Manager

London Lakes

P.O. Bronte Park


Australia 7140

Telephone: (03) 6289 1294
International: +61 3 6289 1294
Facsimile: (03) 6289 1122
International: +61 3 6289 1122
Mobile: 0428 611 270


London Lakes



The London Lakes fishery welcomes lady anglers. Beginners also are welcome.


London Lakes

special arrangements

We are very happy to tailor packages and prices to suit your needs. You are invited to contact discuss how we might meet your requirements.