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Comprising 4,200 acres of unique high country this place is untamed private wilderness with a touch of luxury. Surrounded by intriguing native Tasmanian wildlife including Tassie devils, marsupial quolls, wombats, wallabies, the fascinating egg laying platypus and echidna and bird life unsurpassed, London Lakes is unforgettable.


Photography, bushwalking, boating, birdwatching and painting are popular pastimes for non-anglers at the Lodge. More than eighty varieties of birds have been recorded on the property. Perhaps the most uplifting birds to observe are our resident sea and wedge tailed eagles, both of these species being rare in the Bronte area of the highlands. For those who are blessed with patience and a keen eye, ten of Tasmania's twelve endemic bird species reside on the property. If you decide to include watching our birds in your itinerary, we can provide you with bird lists, observation record books and ornithological information so that your memories are lasting.


EchidnaAlthough fly-fishing for wild Tasmanian brown trout is our premier attraction, other activities are available to the non-angling partner. We host many native critters that can be seen up close in their natural habitat. An evening walk around the property will reveal secrets of the marsupial world including the endemic Tasmanian bettong, our threatened devil, native quolls, the elusive water rat and those peculiar monotremes - the egg-laying platypus and echidna. A guide can show you or you can explore for yourself while leaving behind unwanted distractions.

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Evening safaris can be taken to view a wide range of marsupials. During the daylight hours, wallabies, and on occasion platypus and echidnas can be seen. Possums, wombats, quolls (marsupial cats) and Tasmanian Devils are seen on the night safaris.


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London Lakes has constructed its own private fly fishing stream, known as the Oxford Pools. It will eventually be fifteen kilometres long. Stage One of this stream opened to Lodge guests on September 1, 2002, with about twenty pools containing brown trout to five and one half pounds

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