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Fly fishing at London Lakes can immerse you in the challenge of casting to wild trout that cruise our pristine waters. Tasmania deserves its reputation as one of the world's best fly fishing destinations. In turn, the privacy and quality of our fishery is world famous. Whether you are a novice or experienced angler, chasing trout in Tassie will remain a treasured memory...

Fishing at London LakesExclusive access to our acclaimed lakes and to other private fisheries throughout the state can be complemented with challenging wilderness fishing or picturesque rivers that flow through farmland steeped in European history. Access to private and remote places is part of the exclusivity of our fishing trips. An experienced, friendly and knowledgeable guide is essential to success in Tasmanian waters, where trout can be difficult to find and even more reluctant to accept our offerings.


A visit is your chance to learn about wildlife, ecology, animal behaviour and the many elements needed to create a balanced fishery. Our experienced team of guides provides a professional guiding service that is based on many years of industry experience helping guests to catch wild trout in Tasmania's Central Highlands.


If you are curious about fly fishing, they can give tuition that will create the platform for a lifetime of enjoyment in some of the most tranquil settings nature has to offer. Stalking large brown trout as they fossick in the shallow margins of gin-clear lakes offers a challenge to test the seasoned angler's skill, stealth and nerve. Sight fishing is supremely exciting because it is predatory and anticipatory.


Ladies touchTo catch good numbers of fish in Tassie, you must be understand the effect of changing conditions on fish behaviour. Learning this comes with time and experience on the water. There is no better way to increase your knowledge and chances of success than to go fishing with good company, armed with sound advice and optimism.  Husband and wife and father and son packages are a speciality. Begin a pastime together that will bring many hours of enjoyment and strengthen the friendship.


The Highlands are beautiful while conditions are good but can change quickly as fronts pass across the state from the southwest. If you are serious about your fishing, you might spend four or five days on your adventure. This gives us a chance to look around and adjust to the conditions. It helps if we can return to a place the next day knowing the fish are there......

There is no set daily fishing program - appetite and weather govern our movements. Food, accommodation, guiding, equipment and registered 4WD vehicle transport are included.

During your stay we can tie flies to simulate a food item on which the fish are feeding. All fisherman should experience the satisfaction of tying their own flies and catching fish on them. Relax by the fire and relive the moment your creation disappeared gently from the surface into the confident jaws of a wild Tasmanian trout…

Learn the art, feel the inspiration, revitalise the soul…. Bring your gear or use some of ours for a relaxed guided experience with tuition if and when you want it.

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wilderness fly fishing

The Central Plateau World Heritage Area has been shaped by dramatic geological events that have indelibly etched the landscape. It plateau is an inspiring and secluded wilderness experience for the adventurous. Those with an eye for photography will be in their element.

Wilderness Lakes

An adventure here can unlock the secrets of Tasmania's world famous wilderness lakes and reveal world class fly fishing amidst spectacular natural beauty. We hike into remote tarns at 1200m above sea level. The region is locally called “the land of 3000 lakes”. We may fish up to 20 different waters during our trip.



Western Lakes

These snow-melt tarns with shallow margins and gin-clear water are ideal for experienced anglers to test their skills against trophy wild trout. The fish are big and smart. They experience little fishing pressure - indeed, most probably never see a person. The area we visit is accessed by fewer than 20 people per year and there is no sign of previous adventurers. The result is fantastic sight fishing to large, confident brown trout.


We set up camp by the water and dine on our catch with a glass of premium Tasmanian wine before sleeping beneath a crystal clear, star-filled sky and the sounds of…..nothingness…...

Inquire about a tailored package to suit your appetite and time frame.

to ensure your safety...

To ensure your safety, a seasoned London Lakes guide must accompany all fishing.

We are delighted to answer any enquiries or questions regarding London Lakes and more than happy to tailor a package to suit your needs. Please feel free to call or email:

Greg Beecroft
Manager London Lakes
Fly Fishers Lodge and Wilderness Retreat, Tasmania.

t: +61 3 62 891294
f: +61 3 62 891122
m: 0428 611 270

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London Lakes stream project ...

London Lakes stream development project has been enhanced through the elevation of several weirs to extend tailing shallows and weedy margins along the Oxford Pools




recommended fly patterns

We recommend a collection of flies that include standard and customised Tasmanian fly patterns, including "functional" flies. If you are keen to tie some London Lakes weapons, check out the list




London Lakes fishing report November 2010

We are having great success this season. After good spring rains, we have experienced tough but consistent angling to tailers and superb dry fly fishing to midgers since October. Several large bags on Big Jim have exceeded 4 lbs in average weight and almost every fish has been superbly conditioned. ..



The challenge of London Lakes fly fishing includes shallow water, prolific dry fly activity... and big wild fish. more>>