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Fishing Nov-Dec 2005A fifteen kilometre stream between Lake Big Jim and Lake Samuel is being constructed on London Lakes. The first ten kilometresis are called the Oxford Pools and the final five kilometres are named the Benjamin Pools.

So far, the stream features approximately fifty excavated pools of varying shapes. The size of the pools varies from ten metres in diameter to larger areas of five acres or more and there are many narrow gutters and trenches that interlock pools to provide perfect brown trout habitat.


Fish research - taggingDesigned to mimic the original Highland meadow streams of the area prior to flooding by Hydro Electric Commission projects, the stream is slow moving with deep pools. Two-thirds of each pool has been excavated to up to two and one-half metres in depth. The remaining third is less than one metre in depth and provide a reed growing area. The first priority has been to ensure prime fish habitat, providing sufficient cover to allow small fish to escape larger fish, and large fish to escape cormorants.


Fishing Nov-Dec 2005The stream has a natural water flow from springs and run off during the winter and spring months and can be supplemented by water from Lake Big Jim as required. Recently raised weirs have ensured that the pools overflow and flood surrounding tussock country to provide excellent conditions for foraging trout and ideal sight fishing conditions for the angler. The project includes excavating and gravelling spawning stream and alternative streams. The spawning stream and pools have been connected to the Lake Big Jim valve to provide water flow as required.


oxford pools

The Oxford Pools will eventually be ten kilometres long. Stage One of this stream opened to Lodge guests on September 1, 2002. Seeded with Highland Dun mayflies in 2001, a small hatch occurred in November / December, 2002.

Tthe Oxford Pools already are providing exciting fishing. This signature stream can only be fished in the company of a registered London Lakes' angling guide. Wading is prohibited; all fish must be released; angling is from the bank only; the stream will not be fished on consecutive days.

The Pools run through a quiet, isolated grassy valley with a water-table only a few feet below the surface. This little stream is not unlike "Flat Creek" outside Jackson Hole in Wyoming, USA.

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London Lakes is a fish, eat and sleep Lodge. However, it is not necessary to fish seventeen hours a day: A country breakfast is served around 9.00 am, a basket lunch so that no fishing time is lost in the middle of the day when polaroiding is at its height, and the freshest of Tasmanian fare is prepared for the evening dinner-party style meal.


Dinner table


rich stream habitat ensures

that there is a healthy range of trout between four and five pounds in each of the runs and fifty or so slow flowing pools


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